Our mission is to connect healthcare organizations with the analytics needed to derive key patient insights that guide targeted interventions and yield superior care outcomes.

We specialize in using data to pinpoint strategic opportunities, that when implemented, will improve lives, decrease expenses, and get the right information to the right people in their moment of need. Imagine how much good we can do for the world if we can predict and prevent a patient’s admission to a hospital by directing care in advance of an acute medical event.

Proskriptive is a data science company focused on healthcare. Achieving our mission means we will improve lives and help drive down healthcare costs. Using historic data we can build predictive models that do a startling good job in guiding us towards opportunities to improve outcomes.

Michael Hollenbeck
Founder & CEO

Ryan Heyborne, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer

Brett Taylor
Chief Technology Strategist

Elsa MacDonald
VP of Sales & Marketing

Ben Scott
Sr. Director of Customer Enablement

A team of medical directors and executives with backgrounds in healthcare, analytics and business guide our product development and growth efforts. At Proskriptive, we operate lean but bring to the table a multitude of resources to develop the best solutions for our customers.