#HIMSS16 & Patient Care Analytics, Are you Ready?

Patient care analytics are at the forefront of the healthcare industry and a focus at #HIMSS16. Physicians, hospitals and payers are all working to make use (or better use) of electronic health records and data to engage patients in their own health.

As it turns out, changes to healthcare legislation have impacted the way healthcare relies on technology, even in its most basic form. As Pat Rich wrote in a recent post titled Doctors and Patients want Answers at #HIMSS16, “The president of the American Medical Association recently stated that half of U.S. physicians billing Medicare last year lost 1% of their billings for the year under provisions of meaningful use legislation, because they did not meet the requirements for using IT in their practices.”

When you consider that simply having the “right” IT is a challenge, you can imagine how challenging it is to make an effective transition to fee for value and understand the complexities related to accessing data, working through interoperability and identifying critical insights within the data to improve patient engagement.

Luckily, in the case of IT, a little education goes a long way. “At this year’s HIMSS conference, Microsoft will show how along the entire patient journey new solutions empower health professionals to have not just more meaningful and convenient interactions with patients, but the ability to do so in a trustworthy manner,” wrote Neil Jordan, Microsoft health industry worldwide general manager.

Proskriptive is 1 of 9 Microsoft cloud solutions that will be highlighted at Microsoft’s #HIMSS16 Booth #3832. As a Microsoft Azure solution, Proskriptive will educate attendees on the efficiency, scale and flexibility of using the Proskriptive Healthcare Intelligence Market, to access the capabilities needed to increase patient engagement and quality of care, while also reducing costs.

If you’d like a dedicated time to talk to us and avoid the wait, click here to request an appointment. When you see the demo, you can receive a copy of our White Paper on Risk Stratifying Diabetic Patients.

If you are attending #HIMSS16 be sure to stop by Booth #3832 to learn how the right technology can deliver capabilities needed so you help you make sense of your data to improve your patients’ journeys and empower them to be more engaged in their health.

See you at HIMSS!

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