Proskriptive CTO, Justin Richie, to speak at TEDx Boise

This coming April TEDx_JRichie20162, Justin Richie, Proskriptive CTO will speak on the value of data at TEDx Boise. The event will take place at the Egyptian Theatre in Boise. Ticket and live streaming information is available at Richie’s talk takes place between 7pm-9pm.

From the TEDx website…

Justin Richie: Analytics is equal parts communication, design and technology

Data is all around us, and it’s driving how business and individuals make more intelligent decisions. The biggest challenge now is this: how do we communicate complex analytics to all these parties? Data scientist Justin Richie walks us through how the data science field must pay equal attention to communication, design and technology.

Justin Richie is a data scientist and technologist with a passion for using analytics to find the signal in the noise. His career mission is helping organizations understand how data can help them improve. A life-long learner, he’s obsessed with learning new technologies and failing fast. As a kid, before data science was even a word, he was just a data nerd analyzing why his football team couldn’t win a Super Bowl. Justin took this passion into his academic studies with an undergraduate degree in Economics/Statistics and graduate work in Predictive Analytics. When not nerding out with data, his hobbies range from music and movies to cooking and writing.

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