Proskriptive technology simplifies the integration of healthcare data sources and converts multiple, individual patient data streams into a single unified view of the patient to make it ready for analysis – at no cost.  

Once your data is analysis ready, it connects to the Healthcare Intelligence Market for scoring. You can access results in your existing data presentation applications, or view them within your Population Profiler.   It’s that simple, fast and transparent. 

Our technology is designed to dramatically simplify the extraction, preparation, analysis and enrichment of data to deliver actionable information so that you can better identify risk and opportunities within your patient population, at a price that scales to your needs.

Click on the image below to learn how Care Manager Sandy improves care, one patient at a time.

Data assets can guide specific interventions to improve clinical, operational and care coordination outcomes but it takes the right partner and technology. We develop innovative solutions to connect your healthcare organization with the best analytic resources, at a fraction of the cost of traditional applications.

Our technology allows you to subscribe to the assets you need, as you need them, so you can achieve all of your healthcare analytic goals from start to finish.