Outcomes Speak Louder Than Dashboards

It’s important to have dashboards and reports that identify at-risk patients.
But then what?

With Proskriptive’s Intelligence Suite you’ll enable care providers to take the right actions that yield measurable impact.

Wherever you are in your performance improvement journey,
proskriptive can help get you where you want to be.

  • Formulate strategic decisions
  • Direct a team’s performance improvement initiatives
  • Manage risk based contracts
  • Visualize key insights from clinical & operational data
  • Manage profitability

the proskriptive Intelligence Suite uses an open environment, built to scale with your needs

proskriptive uses an open

  • You own the data and the platform.
  • You can easily access the data.
  • You can connect it with existing applications for additional in-house reporting needs.
  • You have single point of access for your data to achieve a deeper level of understanding across the organization.


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