Performance Improvement 2.0

Your analytics solution just got a black belt

Outcomes Speak Louder Than Dashboards

It’s important to have dashboards and reports that identify at-risk patients.
But then what?

With Proskriptive’s Intelligence Suite you’ll enable care providers to take the right actions that yield measurable impact.

Inpatient Care that Outperforms with Performance Intelligence


Whether you’re a seasoned Lean or Six Sigma practitioner or just beginning to apply statistical controls, Performance Intelligence guides you to targeted opportunities for improved performance within the inpatient care setting.

  • Know which inpatient process changes you need to pursue—prioritized by ROI.

  • Capture outcomes so integrated machine learning continually refines guidance.

  • Ensure tomorrow outperforms today using data science that enables you to plan,
    do, study, and act with confidence.

Get your processes under statistical control for 100s of quality measures and conditions.

Analyze fallouts to understand causality and what actions you can take for preventions.

Achieve Your Value-Based Contract Goals with Population Intelligence

When performance against value-based contracts impacts your financial strength, you can’t afford to ignore data or drown in it.

With Population Intelligence, you won’t need to crunch numbers or hunt for what needs attention.

Use pursuit lists (including impact-ability scores) that highlight which members need an intervention and which clinicians need a conversation.

Population Overview

Prioritize outreach based on the quantified value of each opportunity.

Quickly get an overview of your population management efforts so you know where to make a deeper dive.

Managed Metrics

Need the rigor of statistical control charts to manage inpatient performance improvement?

Use Performance Intelligence to minimize variance in care processes and maximize quality scores.

Need to manage risk-based contracts in a way that fits your care providers’ workflow?

Use Population Intelligence to manage patient interventions and provider performance.