Precision Population Health

Tomorrow’s high utilizer isn’t yesterday’s high risk member.  Proskriptive’s tools will help
you identify members with emerging risks that are truly impactable.

80% of Care Management is Ineffective

Care management programs that focus on managing last year’s top utilizers will miss 8 out of 10 members that will generate the highest costs in the coming year.

With Proskriptive’s precision targeting solutions you’ll be able to identify the members that will be tomorrow’s high utilizers and you’ll know which of them will truly benefit from care management.

Achieve 50% improvement in member cost saving per care manager with precision targeting.

20% cohorts_a2
An internal study of past high utilizer cohorts (top 5%) shows little overlap with future cohorts

Population Intelligence Will Help You Reduce Healthcare Costs through Targeted Care Management

When healthcare costs impact your financial performance, getting the most out of your data assets is critical. 

With Population Intelligence, you’ll know what needs to be done to meet your goals and the most efficient way to get there.  

Tailored pursuit lists will highlight which members need an intervention and why.

Population Overview

Prioritize outreach based on the quantified value of each opportunity.

Quickly get an overview of your population management efforts so you know where to make a deeper dive.

Managed Metrics

Want to maximize the value your care managers can bring to your population health program?

Use Population Intelligence to identify members who will benefit most from interventions.