BlogHealthcareTechnology April 26, 2018

5, 50 and The Role of Precision Targeting in Care Management

by Michael Hollenbeck, Proskriptive CEO

Let’s say for a moment that you’re watching your favorite football team play their arch nemesis.  The stakes are huge, and team pride is on the line.  The ball is snapped, the wide receiver goes long, the quarterback drops back, the blockers hold off the defense…

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Blog November 7, 2017

Good Data Makes It Easier for Healthcare Providers to “Do the Right Thing”

by Ryan Heyborne, MD, MBA, Proskriptive Chief Medical Officer

It isn’t often easy for clinicians and patients to do the right thing in the current healthcare environment.  Lack of easy access to meaningful data is a major reason why. Healthcare has too long been a black box of obscured outcomes data, cost opacity,

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Blog September 19, 2017

Is Your Analytics Floor Rotten?

written by Ben Scott, VP of Client Services

We’re remodeling one of our bathrooms right now (and yes, it’s taking three times as long as anyone planned).  But, something happened right at the beginning of it that made me glad we’d started, regardless of the delays.  On the first day, during demo the remodelers found a

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Blog August 1, 2017

5 Excuses that Needlessly Kill Data Science in Healthcare

by Ryan Heyborne, MD, MBA, Proskriptive Chief Medical Officer

Data science is revolutionizing how we live. Online shopping, financial systems, travel, education, and myriad other institutions are being transformed. Never have we had more opportunities for insight into the world around us or what it may become.

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Blog July 17, 2017

What Puppies Teach us About Predictive Models

by Ben Scott, VP Client Services

I just asked the magic eight ball on my desk if you’re thinking about investing in a predictive model, and it said “Without a doubt”.  How does it know?  Well yes, magic of course, but probably not a lot of it is needed in this case because just

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Blog June 16, 2017

Patients Speak to You Through Data

One of the first things I learned as a physician-in-training was the value of a complete patient “history.” This usually refers to the story the patient tells the provider about his or her condition, and is obtained primarily through clinical interviewing.

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Blog March 22, 2017

Data Drives the Treatment of Patients and Health Systems

You can’t treat a patient without data.  From the minute a patient enters a clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office, data is being collected. Demographics, symptoms, medical history, family history, and many other data points are requested and recorded to begin the process of diagnosis and treatment.

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BlogHealthcareMedicalTechnology January 11, 2017

Empowering Healthcare with Data Science – Webinar Blog Post

The processes for delivering healthcare are complex. There are many interconnected aspects—staffing challenges, clinical protocols, patient volume, the pressure to do more with less, and recent changes in legislation—that make applying analytics to healthcare especially impactful and, traditionally difficult.

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Blog September 8, 2016

What Can Predictive Analytics Do for a Network Like Yours?

“[Predictive Models] make it possible to make more right decisions, more quickly, and with less expense.”[*]

Predictive analytics is certainly a hot phrase these days.  From telecommunications to customer experience, industries across the board are using predictive analytics to drive improved results—and healthcare is no exception.

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Blog August 18, 2016

Connecting Healthcare with Analytics to Thrive in Value-Based Care: Meeting the Needs of Everyone at the Table

Teams in healthcare take many forms. The diversity of team member specialties, group dynamics, and the focus within each team can make cohesiveness across teams elusive.  However, with the evolution of healthcare the high-functioning team has become more desired and promoted. Team-based care has gained significant momentum in recent years,

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