We use data science to get there.

the proskriptive Intelligence Suite answers your most vital questions at 2 strategic levels


  • How can I impact performance within my facility?
  • Where should I look to prioritize efforts and impact the most improvement?
  • Which condition groups are seeing the most fallouts?


  • How do we manage populations in value based contracts to drive costs down?
  • Who are the patients at risk of negatively impacting outcomes?
  • Which provider behaviors can we change to drive value?

More than adapted models

Our apps are built for healthcare

More than data alone

Our insights drive performance improvement

More than limited snapshots

Dashboards drill down from facility to patient

More than just a data warehouse

We apply an open data model for portability

More than siloed data scientists

We become your partners in success

proskriptive uses an open

  • You own the data and the platform.
  • You can easily access the data.
  • You can connect it with existing applications for additional in-house reporting needs.
  • You have single point of access for your data to achieve a deeper level of understanding across the organization.

Industry research shows data science is the key to unlocking $300b/year in savings in healthcare

The proskriptive Intelligence Suite of applications innovatively combines data management with data science technology, to mine actionable insights.

More than retrospective reporting, the proskriptive intelligence suite also helps prospectively guide you to actions likely to improve performance improvement.

Watch our video and see how proskriptive
analytics are used, as one care manager
uses our data to take better care of patients