What We Do

Helping create a healthier community while wisely managing costs is a lofty goal; we know. Grounding that goal in the
practical use of data science makes it attainable.

“Data science” can sound like science fiction: ethereal and better suited for a tagline than the bottom line. But, at Proskriptive we don’t merely talk about what data science can do, we use it to change the status quo. That means enabling our clients to make efficient decisions, take confident actions, and genuinely improve outcomes while lowering costs.

Using products from Proskriptive, real people in real care settings get the guidance they need to :

  • intervene with the right patients at the right time (before conditions
  • worsen, complications develop, or events occur)
  • align provider behaviors to best practices
  • prioritize and pursue the savings opportunities that yield the greatest ROI
  • minimize variance in care processes

That is not science fiction; it is today’s reality for better health.

Executive Team

Michael Hollenbeck
Founder & CEO

Ryan Heyborne
MD, MBA Chief Medical Officer

Ben Scott
VP of Client Services

Advisory Board

Surrounding ourselves with other experts gives us numerous sounding boards that sharpen our skills, challenge our thinking, and prevent us from making old mistakes. That’s why a team of medical directors and executives with backgrounds in healthcare, analytics, and business help guide our product development and growth efforts.

Office Life

Proskriptive’s success requires a team of individuals that is willing to put in the effort to make it happen.

We value community, health, and integrity. Our team is passionate, easy going, and most importantly, loves coming to work every day. Our HQ is set up for an open exchange of ideas. And while we work hard, we also don’t forget that before titles and responsibilities, we are people first.

  • Fresh Coffee

  • Dog Friendly

  • Business Casual Everyday