Your Care Team + Proskriptive = Superior Outcomes

The true measure of success isn’t explaining what happened 45 days ago; it’s influencing outcomes today.


Using software from Proskriptive, real people in real care settings go beyond dashboards to get the guidance they need to:

  • intervene with the right patients at the right time

  • align provider behaviors with best practices

  • minimize variance in care processes

  • pursue quantified opportunities that yield the greatest ROI


Performance Intelligence helps you outperform today by providing a level of understanding that mere dashboards, basic reports, and generic solutions simply can't offer.

It helps answer the questions:

  • How can I impact quality measure performance?
  • Where should I look to prioritize efforts and make the greatest improvement?
  • Which condition groups are seeing the most fallouts / rare events?

Population Intelligence allows organizations to effectively manage one, or multiple, value-based contracts on a single platform, with a data science perspective that drives results.

It helps answer the questions:

  • How do we manage populations to drive down costs?
  • Who are the patients at risk of experiencing negative outcomes?
  • Which provider behaviors can we change to drive value?

Consulting Services

Support healthcare data analytics platform development

Custom predictive analytic models

Risk-sharing contract review

Learn how tomorrow can outperform today