Take better care of your patients with data science driven performance improvement

Wherever you are in your performance improvement journey, proskriptive gets you to where you want to be.


Performance Intelligence supercharges performance efforts by injecting data science into processes to identify adverse situation before they occur.

It helps answer the questions:

  • How can I impact performance within my facility?
  • Where should I look to prioritize efforts and impact the most improvement?
  • Which condition groups are seeing the most fallouts?

Population Intelligence allows organizations to effectively manage one, or multiple, value based contracts on a single platform, with a data science perspective that drives results.

It helps answer the questions:

  • How do we manage populations in value based contracts to drive down costs?
  • Who are the patients at risk of experiencing negative outcomes?
  • Which provider behaviors can we change to drive value?

Consulting Services

Support healthcare data analytics platform development

Custom predictive analytic models

Risk sharing contract review

See the way to change how you manage
your clinical and operational data to
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